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If you want more people in the USA to visit your sales page or service page, writing a guest post on our site is a smart choice! Our website focuses on Kitchen Appliances, Home Appliance Repairs, and Home Improvement Tips and DIY.

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In the past three months, our site has had more than 10,000 visitors. Most of our visitors are from the USA (80%). We also have visitors from the UK (7%), Canada (7%), and Australia (2%). 

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Our site is the perfect place for businesses like yours. Adding a guest post on our site can increase your traffic and help you reach more customers. 

What We Can Do

  • Anchor Links: We will add a bold anchor link in your guest post to attract clicks and direct visitors to your site, thus increasing SERP rankings.
  • Engaging Buttons: We will add a special button that grabs attention. It’s designed using data on how visitors interact with our site. This button helps bring in 70% more visitors than usual text links.

Our Latest Project

Lukas Renovation was struggling to attract traffic to their service page, so they offered us a home improvement guest post. We researched low-competition keywords and wrote high-quality content for our site. 

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We placed a bold anchor link at the beginning of the content and in the call-to-action. We also added an eye-catching button based on audience heatmap data. After 18 days, they started receiving referral traffic from our site.

We did the same thing for Destudio Home. They were struggling to sell their knives and reached out to us. We offered them a kitchen guest post on our site, targeting their region. They started getting traffic to their page: Best Kitchen Knives Set.

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Drive more traffic by Button

So, If you want to attract more visitors and boost sales through guest posting, just email us at .

Who Will Write the Content for the Guest Post?

If you wish to write the content, we will accept it as long as it meets our criteria. However, we generally prefer to write the content ourselves. You just need to provide your anchor text and target URL; we will handle the keyword research, place a do-follow link, and add a high-engagement button. Since we write for our sites, we will craft the content with great care to attract more traffic.

If you want to write, you must fulfill these criteria:

  1. Content must be unique and plagiarism-free.
  2. Content must adhere to EEAT guidelines.
  3. Content must be at least 800 words long.
  4. At least 3-4 copyright-free images must be included.
  5. Content must align with our niche.

Please communicate with us about the content outline and pricing before you start writing.

Pricing For Guest Post

Pricing can vary based on the niche, content depth, the number of links, and the inclusion of buttons you need. It starts from $20 to $50.

For One Guest Post

If we write the content:

  • For 1 link + 1 button: We will charge $15.
  • For 1 link + multiple buttons (2-3): We will charge $20.

If You Provide the Content:

  • For 1 link + 1 button: We will charge $10.
  • For 1 link + multiple buttons (2-3): We will charge $15.

Discounts for Multiple Contents:

  • Prices will decrease for multiple content submissions. Please inquire for specific rates.

Adding Links and Buttons to Existing Content:

  • We can add links and buttons to existing content on our site, provided it has not already been sold. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Available Top Performing Webpages (as of 29-06-2024)

For Home Appliance Repair Guest Posting

For Kitchen Guest Posting ( Selling ) 

For Health Guest Posting

We have many high-traffic web pages available for guest posting. Please contact us if you want to drive more traffic from our site.

How to Make Payment

We accept payments via Payoneer.

For Company Invoices

Please provide the following details to issue an invoice:

  • Company Name
  • Website URL
  • Contact First Name
  • Contact Last Name
  • Email
  • Country
  • State

For Individual Payments

Please provide the following details:

  • Contact First Name
  • Contact Last Name
  • Email
  • Country
  • State

These details are necessary to ensure the payment process is smooth and accurate. For Any Query Please Contact: 


When will my guest post go live?

We write fast, like lightning! Your guest post will be ready in a day and indexed within 10-12 hours. Expect a live link, Google-approved, in just 24 hours.

How can I track the performance of my guest post?

We recommend using tools like Google Analytics to track the traffic and engagement metrics of your guest post. We can also provide performance reports upon request.

Do you do keyword research?

Absolutely! We handle content as if it’s for our own site. We do thorough keyword research, SEO, and backlinks because more traffic means more ad revenue for us too! We also use anchor texts and buttons in high-click areas based on heatmap analysis from Microsoft Clarity to boost traffic.

How Can You Find Us

Looking to share your expertise or insights? Simply use the following search terms to find the perfect guest posting opportunities on our site:

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Dishwasher Guest Post

  • Dishwasher Appliances + “Write for Us”
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Washing Machine Guest Post

  • Washing Machine Appliances + “Write for Us”
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Knife Guest Post

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Oven Guest Post

  • Oven Appliances + “Write for Us”
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Cookware Guest Post

  • Cookware Appliances + “Write for Us”
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Home Improvement Guest Post

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