Ajax vs Comet: Which Cleanser is Best for Your Home?

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Keeping your home spotless can be quite a challenge, especially with stubborn stains and grime. Have you ever wondered whether Ajax or Comet is the better cleaner? You’re not alone! These two popular cleaners each have their unique strengths. 

In this article, we’ll compare Ajax vs Comet to help you decide which one is right for your needs. As a household products expert, I’ve used both and have some valuable insights to share. Let’s dive in and see which cleaner comes out on top!

Product Overviews

Let’s talk about the cleaning giants, Ajax and Comet. We’ll look at their best products and see which one suits your cleaning needs.

Ajax Products

Ajax Products
Top Ajax Cleaners for Every Surface

Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach: This powder cleanser is scratch-free. It rinses off easily and is phosphate-free. It’s perfect for cleaning ceramic, porcelain, and tile.

Ajax Lime Scented Multipurpose Cleaner: This spray cleaner has a fresh lime scent. It’s great for cleaning toilets. It is also eco-friendly.

Ajax Oxygen Bleach Powder Cleanser: This powder cleanser is unscented and non-chlorinated. It is strong and phosphate-free.

Ajax Orange Scented All-Purpose Cleaner: This liquid cleaner has an orange scent. It cleans kitchen tiles and leaves them shiny. No rinsing is needed.

Ajax Ultra Liquid Dish Soap With Fabuloso: This dish soap has a lavender scent. It fights grease and is phosphate-free.

Comet Products

Comet Products
Best Comet Cleaners for Tough Stains

Comet Scratch-Free Cleanser Powder: This powder cleanser is scratch-free and disinfects. It is ideal for cleaning tiles.

Comet Bathroom Cleaner Spray: This spray cleaner is unscented. It is perfect for cleaning bathroom surfaces.

Comet All-Purpose Cleaner Cream: This cream cleaner is great for stoves, sinks, and toilets. It cuts through grease and stains.

Comet Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner: This bathroom cleaner has a citrus scent. It disinfects and sanitizes surfaces.

Comet Bleach Powder Cleanser: This powder cleanser is scratch-free and has a natural scent. It is great for tile and porcelain. It is biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Effectiveness: Ajax vs Comet

Comparing Ajax and Comet cleaners shows which works best for different tasks. Both brands have products with strengths for various surfaces, making them great for a spotless home.

Floor Cleaning

Ajax Orange Scented All-Purpose Cleaner
Fresh and Clean with Ajax Orange Scent

For floor cleaning, I always use Ajax Orange Scented All-Purpose Cleaner. It leaves my kitchen tiles sparkling with no need to rinse, and the fresh orange scent is delightful. On the other hand, Comet doesn’t have a similar product for floors, so Ajax wins here.

Bathroom Cleaning

Comet Bathroom Cleaner Spray
Sparkling Clean Bathrooms with Comet Spray

For bathroom cleaning, I swear by Comet Bathroom Cleaner Spray. It’s perfect for bathroom surfaces and leaves everything spotless. Ajax Lime Scented Multipurpose Cleaner is also great, especially for toilets. Both work well, but Comet’s specialized formula for bathrooms gives it a slight edge.

Ajax Lime Scented Multipurpose Cleaner
Fresh Lime Clean with Ajax Multipurpose

I tested both products in my bathroom. I used Comet on the tub and tiles, while Ajax was used for the toilet and sink. Comet easily cut through soap scum, leaving surfaces shining, while Ajax provided a fresh lime scent and tackled tough stains in the toilet effectively. Overall, Comet’s targeted cleaning power made it the winner for bathroom surfaces.

Kitchen Cleaning

Comet All-Purpose Cleaner Cream
Comet Cream for Tough Stains

In the kitchen, Comet All-Purpose Cleaner Cream is my go-to. It cuts through tough grease and stains on stoves and countertops. However, Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach is excellent for sinks and tiles. Both have their strengths, making it a tough call.

Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach
Ajax Powder Cleanser: Tough on Stains

I decided to test both cleaners in my kitchen. I used Comet on the stovetop and countertops, where it made quick work of grease and food stains. For the sink and tile backsplash, I applied Ajax. It easily removed grime and left a bright, clean finish. While both products performed well, Comet’s ability to cut through grease faster made it slightly better for heavy-duty kitchen cleaning.


Ajax Ultra Liquid Dish Soap With Fabuloso
Sparkling Dishes with Ajax and Fabuloso

For dishes, I rely on Ajax Ultra Liquid Dish Soap With Fabuloso. It fights grease and leaves dishes sparkling clean. Comet doesn’t offer  dish soap, making Ajax the clear winner for dishwashing.

Ease of Use: Ajax vs Comet

When it comes to using Ajax and Comet, both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Application and Rinsing Process

Using Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach is simple. Sprinkle the powder, scrub, and rinse. The powder rinses off easily, leaving no residue. Ajax Lime Scented Multipurpose Cleaner is even easier—just spray and wipe.

Comet All-Purpose Cleaner Cream and Comet Scratch-Free Cleanser Powder require more effort. Apply, scrub, and rinse thoroughly. The cream cuts through grease on stoves and countertops, but the powder can be messy.

Personal Feedback and Experience

From my experience and my neighbors’ feedback, Ajax products are very convenient. The spray cleaner is great for daily use. The powder’s easy rinse formula is a big hit. Comet is great for deep cleaning, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, but some find the powder hard to handle.

In my cleaning routine, I reach for Ajax for quick and easy cleaning. The spray is perfect for everyday messes, and the powder works wonders on tiles. For deeper cleaning, Comet is my go-to. It tackles tough stains and leaves everything spotless, even if it takes more elbow grease.

Safety and Precautions: Comet vs Ajax

When I buy any cleaning product, I always check its safety rating on the Environmental Working Group. Sometimes, they are tough critics, and you might see “High Concern” with no alternatives. So, before buying, check these safety and precautions.

Ajax Products Safety and Precautions

Ajax products have some safety concerns. They may cause skin irritation and breathing issues. Handle them with care.

Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach

  • Safety Rating: MODERATE
  • Concerns: Some concern for skin irritation

Ajax Orange Scented All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Safety Rating: SOME
  • Health Concerns: Asthma/Respiratory, Skin Allergies & Irritation
  • Environmental Concerns: MODERATE

Ajax Ultra Liquid Dish Soap With Fabuloso

  • Safety Rating: MODERATE
  • Health Concerns: Asthma/Respiratory
  • Environmental Concerns: LOW

Comet Products Safety and Precautions

Comet products range from low to high safety concerns. Some may cause respiratory issues and skin irritation, so always check labels and use them safely.

Comet Bathroom Cleaner Spray

  • Safety Rating: LOW
  • Concerns: Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity, Cancer, Environment

Comet Disinfectant Cleanser Powder

  • Safety Rating: SOME
  • Health Concerns: Asthma/Respiratory, Skin Allergies & Irritation
  • Environmental Concerns: HIGH

Comet Bleach Cleanser

  • Safety Rating: MODERATE
  • Concerns: General systemic/organ effects, respiratory effects, skin irritation, environment.

Pricing: Ajax vs Comet

Here’s a quick look at the prices for some popular Ajax and Comet products. Keep in mind that prices may change over time. This article was written on 07-08-2024.

Ajax Product Prices

  • Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach: $6.99 ($0.50 / Ounce)
  • Ajax Lime Scented Multipurpose Cleaner: $7.61 ($0.45 / Fl Oz)
  • Ajax Oxygen Bleach Powder Cleanser: $7.66 ($0.36 / Ounce)
  • Ajax Orange Scented All-Purpose Cleaner: $11.88 ($0.23 / Fl Oz)
  • Ajax Ultra Liquid Dish Soap With Fabuloso: $3.97 ($0.08 / Fl Oz)

Comet Product Prices

  • Comet Scratch-Free Cleanser Powder: $12.98 ($0.93 / ounce)
  • Comet Bathroom Cleaner Spray: $18.00 ($0.28 / Fl Oz)
  • Comet All-Purpose Cleaner Cream: $9.20 ($0.38 / Fl Oz)
  • Comet Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner: $67.21 ($2.10 / Ounce)
  • Comet Bleach Powder Cleanser: $20.99 ($0.12 / Ounce)

Which Cleanser is Best for Your Home?

Choosing between Ajax vs Comet ultimately depends on your specific cleaning needs and preferences. Here’s a quick guide to help you:

  • Quick and Easy Cleaning: Ajax is great for daily cleaning. Its spray cleaners and powders are easy to use and rinse off.
  • Deep Cleaning: Comet is better for deep cleaning in kitchens and bathrooms. It has strong formulas that clean tough stains and grime.
  • Specialized Needs: Pick based on your task. Use Ajax for floors and dishes. Use Comet for heavy-duty kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

Tips for Using Ajax and Comet Safely

  1. Read Labels: Always read the labels for safety and usage instructions.
  2. Ventilate: Use in open areas to reduce breathing in fumes.
  3. Wear Gloves: Wear gloves to protect your skin, especially with strong cleaners.
  4. Store Safely: Keep cleaning products out of reach of children and pets.
  5. Spot Test: Before using a new product on a surface, do a spot test to ensure it doesn’t cause any damage or discoloration.


Both Ajax and Comet are great for keeping your home clean. Your choice will depend on what you need to clean and your personal preferences. If you need a quick, everyday cleaner, go for Ajax. For deep cleaning, Comet is your best bet. Both brands offer products that will help keep your home spotless and fresh.

If you have any questions about Ajax vs Comet, please comment below or contact me for more help.


Which product is better, Ajax or Comet?

Both are great cleaners. Use Ajax for quick, daily cleaning, and Comet for tough, deep cleaning jobs. It’s a tie—each has its strengths!

Is Ajax safe on skin?

No, Ajax can cause skin irritation. Wear gloves to stay safe while cleaning. Your hands will thank you!

Can Comet clean white shoes?

Yes, Comet can clean white shoes. Use a small amount and scrub gently. They’ll look fresh and new, like magic!

Is Ajax safe for toilets?

Yes, Ajax is safe for toilets. It cleans well and leaves a fresh scent. Just scrub, rinse, and your throne will shine!

Is Comet a disinfectant?

Yes, Comet is a disinfectant. It kills germs and cleans surfaces well. Your home will be sparkling and safe!


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