Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working : An Expert Guide

The PowerXL Air Fryer has become a favorite for home cooks, loved for its ease of use and the healthy meals it creates. However, some users face a problem: it sometimes won’t turn on. This issue, while common, can often be fixed with a few simple steps. Today I‘ll find all Possible Reasons and Solutions for Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working.

Common Reasons for Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working

Improper Positioning Of Fryer Basket:

Improper Positioning Of Fryer Basket
Fryer basket placed incorrectly

One common reason a Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working is due to the fryer basket not being correctly positioned. The fryer is designed with safety mechanisms to ensure it only operates when the basket is securely in place. 


  • Check the Basket: Ensure the basket is fully inserted into the air fryer. It should click into place. If that doesn’t work, take it out and again.
  • Alignment: Sometimes, the basket may seem inserted but is slightly off alignment. Gently adjust it until you feel it fits snugly.
  • Clean the Track: Debris or food particles can prevent the basket from sitting correctly. Clean the tracks and the bottom of the basket to remove any obstructions.
  • Latch Inspection: Some models have a safety latch that must be engaged for the fryer to operate. Make sure this latch is not damaged and is in the correct position.

Electrical Problems of Power Xl Air Fryer

When your Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working, it might be an electrical problem. This can include issues like,

Electrical Problems of Power Xl Air Fryer
Power XL air fryer with electrical issues

Damaged Cable

Issue: The power cord is key to starting your air fryer. If it looks worn out, has tears, or shows any damage, this could be why your air fryer won’t start.

How to Fix: Carefully look over the cord. If it’s damaged, you might need a new air fryer or just a new cord if yours can be taken off and swapped out.

Defective Socket

Issue: Sometimes, the problem isn’t your air fryer, but where you plug it in. A bad outlet might not give your air fryer the power it needs.

How to Fix: Try plugging something else into the same socket. If that doesn’t work either, the socket might need fixing. For safety, ask a pro to check it out or pick a different plug for your air fryer.

Blown Fuse

Issue: Fuses protect your home’s electric lines. If one blows, power can get cut off to where your air fryer plugs in.

How to Fix: Look at your home’s fuse box for a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. Flip the breaker back on or swap out the fuse to fix it. If you’re not sure how, it’s best to call an electrician.

Electrical Wiring Issues Inside the Appliance

Issue: With time, the wires inside your air fryer might loosen or get damaged from heat or use. This might be why it won’t start.

How to Fix: Handling the inside wires is tricky and should be done by someone who knows how. Reach out to PowerXL’s support team for help or to set up a repair. If your air fryer’s warranty is still good, you might not have to pay for the fix.

Mechanical Failures of Power Xl Air Fryer

When your PowerXL Air Fryer has mechanical problems, it might feel overwhelming. But knowing what often goes wrong helps you find how to fix it.

Mechanical Failures of Power Xl Air Fryer
Mechanical issues in a Power XL air fryer

Defective Heating Element

Issue: The heart of your air fryer, the heating element, heats the air. If it’s not working, the whole unit won’t start.

How to Fix: Always unplug the air fryer first for safety. Check if you can see any breaks or damage on the element. Since dealing with electrical parts can be risky, it’s wise to get help from PowerXL’s customer service. They can guide you on replacing the element or suggest taking it to someone who knows how to fix it safely.

Defective Circuit Board

Issue: The air fryer’s brain, its circuit board, manages all its functions. A glitch here can mean the air fryer won’t turn on.

How to Fix: Circuit boards are complex and fixing them is not a DIY job. The best step is to contact PowerXL for advice. They might recommend sending it in for repair or directing you to a local expert who can diagnose and fix the problem without causing further damage.

Faulty Fan

Issue: For your food to cook evenly, the fan circulates hot air around the air fryer. A broken fan means no cooking and possibly no starting up.

How to Fix: First, make sure nothing is blocking the fan by giving it a visual check. If it’s clear but still not moving, the issue might be beyond a simple blockage. This situation calls for professional assessment. PowerXL customer support can advise on the next steps, or you might need to take the appliance to a repair shop to have the fan checked and possibly replaced.

Operational Issues of Power Xl Air Fryer

When using your PowerXL Air Fryer, running into operational issues from time to time is normal. This could be water trouble, buttons that won’t work, or the air fryer getting too hot. Luckily, there are easy ways to fix these issues so you can get back to cooking.

Operational Issues of Power Xl Air Fryer
Power XL air fryer facing operational troubles

Water Damage:

Issue: Water can harm the inside of the air fryer, making it not work right.
How to Fix: If it gets wet, unplug it fast. Let it dry out for a day without using it. Keep it away from water to stop this from happening again. If it still won’t work, you might need to get help from someone who knows how to fix it.

Buttons Not Working: 

Issue: Dirt or breaks can make the buttons stop working.
How to Fix: Clean the buttons softly with a clean, dry cloth. If they still don’t work, it may need fixing by an expert.

Overload Protection:

Issue: Putting too much food in stops it from working to keep it safe.
How to Fix: Use less food so air can move around inside. Check the guide to see how much food is okay and spread it out evenly.

Thermal Overheat Protection:

Issue: It has a safety thing that stops it from getting too hot.
How to Fix: If it’s too hot, unplug it and let it cool. Keep it away from other hot things and in a cool place with air around it.

Note: Some air fryers may not have specific features like Overload or Thermal Overheat Protection. Often, these don’t cause your Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working.

Dirty or Clogged Components:

Issue: Dirt, old food, or grease can make it not work as well.
How to Fix: Clean it often, especially the basket, pan, and inside. Make sure it’s not plugged in and cool before you clean. Use a gentle sponge and soft soap to keep it safe.

External Factors of Power Xl Air Fryer

Knowing how External Factors can change your PowerXL Air Fryer works is important for fixing problems and making sure it does its best.

External Factors of Power Xl Air Fryer
Impact of external factors on a Power XL air fryer

Using the Wrong Accessories

Issue: Using things not made for your PowerXL Air Fryer can cause problems. These might not fit right or could block the air that needs to move, stopping the air fryer from working.

How to Fix: Always use things that are meant for your model of PowerXL Air Fryer. Look at what the maker says or choose official add-ons. This helps everything work well together and avoids troubles.

Too Cold or Too Hot Around

Issue: Air fryers need to be in a certain warmth to work right. If it’s too chilly or too warm where you use it, it might not start. Being too cold or hot can mess up its heat checker, making it not work.

How to Fix: Keep your air fryer where it’s not too cold or hot. Don’t use it outside in extreme weather. Keep it inside, away from the sun or cold drafts, so it stays in the best warmth for working.

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General Concerns for Power Xl Air Fryer

When it comes to your air fryer, sometimes you might run into some general issues. If it’s brand new and won’t turn on, it could be a simple mistake from when it was made.

General Concerns for Power Xl Air Fryer
Common issues with the Power XL air fryer

Manufacturer Defect

Issue: Now and then, a new air fryer might not work right because of a mistake made when it was made.
How to Fix: If it’s brand new and doesn’t start, get in touch with the place you bought it from or the company that made it. You might get a new one for free if it’s still under its warranty.

Expired Product Life 

Expired Product Life of Power XL Air fryer
The lifespan ends for a Power XL air fryer

Issue: Every kitchen gadget has its own time to shine. After a lot of use, things start to break down.
How to Fix: Think about how long and how much you’ve used your air fryer. If it’s been years and it’s not working well, it might be time to find a new favorite helper in the kitchen, especially if fixing it doesn’t make sense.

Maintenance and Care for Longevity

These easy steps help you make tasty and healthy food without issues.

Maintenance and Care for Longevity of Power XL Air fryer
Keeping your Power XL air fryer going strong

Regular Cleaning: Cool it down first. Clean the basket, pan, and inside with a soft, wet cloth. Use gentle soap for any sticky spots. This stops dirt build-up which could cause problems.

Inspect and Clean the Heating Element: Every month, look at the heating element for any grease or bits of food. If you find some, turn off the air fryer and unplug it. Wait for it to cool, then carefully clean the element with a soft brush or cloth.

Cord Check: Look at the power cord often to make sure it’s not damaged. A broken cord is dangerous and might be why the air fryer doesn’t start.

Don’t Overfill: Use the amount of food the maker says is okay. Too much food makes cooking uneven and puts too much pressure on the air fryer’s parts.

Store It Right: Keep your air fryer in a dry, cool spot when you’re not using it. Don’t put heavy things on it so it stays in good shape.

Right Accessories: Use only the things made to go with your Power XL Air Fryer. This keeps you safe and makes sure the air fryer works right.

Regular maintenance is key to avoiding situations where your Power XL Air Fryer stops working.

Real User Experiences and Solutions

Case: Power Xl Air Fryer Stopped Working , 3rd time.

Solution: When your Power XL Air Fryer stops working for the third time with no clear reason, it’s likely due to the Thermal Fuse. This part is designed to prevent fires but can wear out and stop the air fryer from working. I’ve temporarily bypassed this fuse and plan to replace it with a Thermal Control Switch, which costs around $6.

Using Thermal Fuses seems unreasonable because they have to be replaced after burning out, unlike Thermal Control Switches that reset after cooling down. The cost is similar for both parts, which makes the choice of using Thermal Fuses feel like a strategy for making products obsolete faster. Moreover, replacing them is a challenge because they are hidden inside the unit, making it hard to access without disassembling the air fryer. You’ll find them deep inside, next to the hot 120 V wire. They look like small, silver tubes, similar in size to a tic-tac, with one end slightly tapered.

What’s more puzzling is that my air fryer’s Thermal Fuse was set to 420.8F, yet the air fryer can heat up to 430F. This setting is bound to fail. If you decide to remove the Thermal Fuse as I did, be extra cautious during cooking. Without it, there’s no safeguard against excessive temperatures. (( Credit: u/SpeedyMcQuickland ))

When to Get Expert Help for Your Air Fryer

Deciding when to seek expert help for your air fryer is simple. It depends on the problem and your ability to fix it. If it’s a factory defect or a standard operation issue, manufacturers usually fix it for free.

If it’s under warranty, contact the manufacturer. If the warranty has expired or the problem is too complicated, better to let a professional take over.

Contact Information for PowerXL Support 

For payment Information: Check Here.

Support Email: empowercustomerservice@spectrumbrands.com

Contact Number: 973-287-5106

Customer Service Hours

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST

Saturday and Sunday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST

If your Power XL Air Fryer stopped working, don’t worry! For more help, please reach out to us at info@homelysolve.com.


Why did my air fryer suddenly stopped working?

Your air fryer might have stopped working due to a power issue, a blown fuse, overheating, or a malfunctioning part. Check the plug, reset the circuit breaker, and ensure it’s not overheated. If problems persist, consult the manual or contact customer service.

Is there a recall on Power XL air fryer?

The PowerXL Dual-Basket Air Fryer recall involves models DUAF-005 and DUAF-10, due to a hazard causing burns. Sold in black or cinnamon on December 14, 2023, they feature a faulty U-Channel connector. Check yours today.

What should I do if my Power XL Air Fryer stopped working?

If your Power XL Air Fryer stopped working, check the basket’s position, inspect the power cable and plug, and ensure the socket is working. If these steps don’t help, consult the manual or contact customer support for assistance.

How do i Reset my Power xl Air Fryer?

To reset your Power XL Air Fryer, unplug it from the outlet. Wait a few moments, then plug it back in. This simple step often fixes any minor issues you’re experiencing with the device, ensuring it’s ready for use again.


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