Agitator vs Impeller: Which is Better for You?

Ever found yourself standing in front of your washer, scratching your head, wondering if an agitator or an impeller is the right choice for your clothes? I sure have. As a home appliance expert, I’ve seen both in action. Each one has its own way of getting your clothes clean. In this article, we’ll explore the agitator vs impeller debate and help you decide which one fits your laundry needs best.

What is an Impeller in a Washing Machine?

What is an Impeller in a Washing Machine
Impeller in Action: The Future of Washing

Imagine you’re a kid at a carnival, watching a ride that spins everyone around. Now, think about this ride, but instead of spinning kids, it’s spinning clothes in a washing machine. That’s what an impeller does!

An impeller is like the DJ at a laundry party. It’s a low-profile disc with small, flat fins at the bottom of the drum. Unlike the tall, twisty agitators in older machines, impellers are smooth operators. They create strong water currents that swirl your clothes, getting them clean without the rough handling.

How Does an Impeller Work?

How Does an Impeller Work
How an Impeller Works: The Simple Guide

Picture this: You’ve got a spoon in a bowl of soup. Stir it gently, and the soup moves in circles. The impeller works the same way. When the washing machine starts, the impeller spins, creating a whirlwind of water. This motion rubs your clothes against each other, scrubbing out the dirt gently. It’s like giving your clothes a relaxing spa day instead of a rough wrestling match.

Benefits of an Impeller

Gentler on Clothes: With no big, clunky agitator, your clothes don’t get tangled or stretched. It’s like a gentle yoga session for your wardrobe.

More Space: Without the bulky agitator, there’s more room in the drum. More space means you can wash larger loads, saving both time and the planet.

Energy Efficient: Impellers use less water and energy compared to traditional agitators. They’re the eco-friendly superheroes of the laundry world.

Drawbacks of an Impeller

Longer Wash Times: Sometimes, it takes a bit longer to get those clothes clean.

Less Powerful on Tough Stains: Might struggle with really tough stains.

What is an Agitator in a Washing Machine?

What is an Agitator in a Washing Machine
Agitators: The Powerhouse of Washing Machines

Think of an agitator as the life of the laundry party. It’s the tall, twisty part in the middle of a washing machine drum that gets your clothes moving and grooving. Just like a dance floor needs a DJ to keep the music pumping, a washing machine needs an agitator to keep the clothes spinning and getting clean.

An agitator is a spindle that stands upright in the center of the washing machine drum, with fins or vanes sticking out from its sides. When the machine is on, the agitator moves back and forth, shaking things up. It’s like a dance instructor showing your clothes how to boogie away the dirt and grime.

How Does an Agitator Work?

How Does an Agitator Work
The Magic of Agitators: How They Clean

Imagine you’re stirring a pot of soup with a big spoon. You move the spoon in circles, mixing everything together. An agitator does something similar but with more oomph. It twists and turns, making the water and clothes swirl around. This motion helps knock out dirt and stains, leaving your clothes fresh and clean.

Benefits of an Agitator

Powerful Cleaning: Agitators give your clothes a good scrubbing. They’re like the heavyweight champions of the laundry world, tackling tough stains with ease.

Quick Washes: With all that vigorous movement, agitators can get your clothes clean in a jiffy. It’s like having a personal trainer for your laundry, pushing it to get clean faster.

Time-Tested: Agitators have been around for a long time. They’re the old-school pros of washing machines, trusted by generations.

Drawbacks of an Agitator

Tough on Clothes: Agitators can be rough on fabrics, causing wear and tear. It’s like giving your clothes a tough workout every time.

Less Space: They take up room in the drum, so you can’t wash as many clothes at once. It’s like trying to dance in a packed room.

Agitator vs Impeller: A Quick Comparison

DesignTall, twisty spindle in the middleLow-profile disc at the bottom
MovementMoves back and forth, shaking clothesSpins to create strong water currents
Cleaning PowerPowerful, tackles tough stains quicklyGentle, uses water currents to clean
Clothes CareCan be rough, causing wear and tearGentler, less wear and tear on fabrics
Load CapacityLess space due to spindleMore space, can wash larger loads
EfficiencyUses more water and energyMore energy and water-efficient
Wash TimeTypically quickerMay take longer to wash clothes
Ideal ForHeavy-duty laundry, quick washesLarger loads, gentle washing
Generations UsedTime-tested, used for generationsModern, newer technology

Agitator vs Impeller: Which one Best for You?

When it comes to choosing between an agitator and an impeller, it’s all about what you need. If you have lots of heavy-duty laundry and need quick washes, the Agitator is your go-to. It’s like having a personal trainer for your clothes, giving them a vigorous workout.

On the other hand, if you want to be gentle on your clothes and wash bigger loads, the Impeller is the way to go. It’s like a relaxing spa day for your laundry, making sure everything comes out fresh and clean without the rough treatment.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, so pick the one that fits your laundry lifestyle best. Whether it’s the classic powerhouse or the modern marvel, your clothes will be ready to face the day, clean and fresh!

Best Top Load Washer With Agitator

Have you ever wondered why some top load washers clean your clothes better? Top load washers with agitators can make a big difference. When I upgraded to the best top load washer with an agitator, I was amazed by how much cleaner my laundry was. This section will guide you through choosing the best washer with an agitator to meet your needs and keep your clothes spotless.

Best Budget Friendly: LG – 4.1 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer

If you want a washer that’s easy to use and gets your clothes really clean, the LG Top Load Washer is a great pick. Its user-friendly design makes laundry day simple.

LG - 4.1 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer
Meet the LG 4.1 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer


  • 4-Way Agitator: Moves clothes in all directions for a thorough clean.
  • TurboDrum Technology: Delivers an effective wash that’s gentle on clothes.
  • SmartDiagnosis: Helps you troubleshoot issues quickly using your smartphone.
  • Large Capacity: The 4.1 cu.ft. tub lets you wash more clothes in fewer loads.
  • Quiet Operation: The True Balance Anti-Vibration system ensures quiet operation.


  • No High-Efficiency Label: May use more water and energy than HE models.
  • Requires Fill Hose: Not included and needs to be purchased separately.

The NeveRust Stainless Steel Tub prevents snags, and the SlamProof Glass Lid lets you check your wash without interruptions. When I used this washer, I was impressed by how fresh and clean my laundry felt.

Comparing impeller vs agitator, this washer’s agitator ensures thorough cleaning. It’s one of the best top load washers with an agitator for efficiency and deep cleaning.

For a washer that combines innovative technology with ease of use, the LG Top Load Washer is a top choice. It’s reliable and efficient, perfect for any home.

Compared to the Whirlpool Top Load Washer, which offers Soaking Cycles, the LG model excels with its TurboDrum Technology and SmartDiagnosis.

Best for Pet Lovers: Maytag High-Efficiency Top Load Washer

Got pets and can’t stand their hair clinging to your clothes? The Maytag High-Efficiency Top Load Washer with Pet Pro System is here to save the day! This washer makes laundry day a breeze and ensures your clothes are spotless.

Maytag High-Efficiency Top Load Washer
Maytag High-Efficiency Top Load Washer: Power and Efficiency Combined


  • Pet Pro Filter: Efficient at removing pet hair.
  • Deep Fill option: Utilizes extra water for a deeper clean.
  • Built-in water faucet: Great for pre-treating stains.
  • Large Capacity: Handles big loads, saving you time.


  • No Steam Function: Doesn’t offer steam cleaning.
  • Requires Fill Hose: Not included, needs to be bought separately.

The Pet Pro Filter captures pet hair, keeping your clothes fresh and clean. The Deep Fill option adds extra water for those tough loads, and the built-in water faucet is perfect for spot-treating stains.

When I first tried out this washer, I was thrilled by how effectively it managed my pet’s hair. You know how it is – pet hair gets everywhere! But this washer dealt with it like a pro. The Deep Fill option worked wonders on my bulky blankets and towels, getting them cleaner than ever.

Compared to the Samsung High-Efficiency Smart Top Load Washer, which offers Wi-Fi connectivity and a larger capacity, the Maytag model shines with its Pet Pro System and Deep Fill option. It’s perfect for pet owners.

Best Overall: Whirlpool Top Load Washer with Removable Agitator

If you’re in the market for a top-notch washing machine, the Whirlpool Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator might just be your new best friend in the laundry room. This washer is built to make your laundry days smoother and more efficient.

Whirlpool Top Load Washer with Removable Agitator
Whirlpool Washer: Changeable Agitator for Easy Cleaning


  • 2 in 1 Removable Agitator: Swap the agitator post in or out for a customized wash.
  • Load & GoDispenser: Fill once and wash up to 20 loads without refilling.
  • Pretreat Station Plus: Handy faucet and brush for treating stains right on the spot.
  • Deep Water Wash Option: Adds extra water for a thorough clean.
  • Smart Appliance: Modern features to streamline your laundry routine.


  • No Steam Function: Missing steam cleaning.
  • Requires Fill Hose: Needs to be purchased separately.

When I first got my hands on this Whirlpool washer, I was curious about the 2 in 1 Removable Agitator. And let me tell you, it’s a game-changer! Being able to switch between an agitator and an impeller means I can wash delicate fabrics and heavy-duty work clothes without any fuss. It’s like having two washers in one!

The Load & Go dispenser is a lifesaver. I no longer need to add detergent for each load, saving me time and effort. And the Pretreat Station Plus? It’s perfect for those pesky stains that seem to appear out of nowhere. Just give it a quick brush, and you’re good to go.

Compared to other models like the LG High-Efficiency Smart Top Load Washer, which boasts features like an AI Fabric Sensor and Smart Pairing, the Whirlpool shines with its versatility and convenience. The 2 in 1 Removable Agitator and Load & Go Dispenser make it ideal for any laundry situation.

Using this washer is a breeze. I remember the first time I used the Deep Water Wash Option. My dirtiest clothes came out spotless! It’s satisfying to see such a thorough clean without any extra work.

For anyone looking for a reliable, flexible, and efficient washer, the Whirlpool Top Load Washer with Removable Agitator is a fantastic choice. It meets all your laundry needs with ease and precision. Plus, it’s packed with features that make laundry day a little less of a chore. So why not give it a try and make your laundry routine a bit more enjoyable?

Best Top Load Washer With Impeller

Ever wonder how to get your clothes super clean without beating them up? Finding the right washing machine can be tricky with so many choices out there. Top load washers with impellers are a great option for their gentle and efficient cleaning. This section will help you find the best top load washer with an impeller.

Best Overall: GE PTW900BPTRS Top Loading Washing Machine

Looking for a washing machine that makes laundry day less of a chore? The GE PTW900BPTRS Top Loading Washing Machine might just be your new best friend. This 28-inch top load washer, with its 5.4 cu. ft. capacity, packs a punch with smart features and a user-friendly design.

GE PTW900BPTRS Top Loading Washing Machine
GE PTW900BPTRS: Top Load Washer with Powerful Impeller


  • Smart Features: With built-in WiFi, you can control this washer from your phone or even use voice commands. Imagine starting a wash cycle without getting off the couch!
  • Large Capacity: The 5.4 cu. ft. drum can handle big loads, perfect for families.
  • Deep Fill Option: Customize your water levels for those extra dirty clothes.
  • Energy Efficient: It’s Energy Star certified, so you save on utility bills.


  • Noise Levels: It can be a bit loud during the heaviest spin cycles.
  • Setup Hiccups: Some users find the smart features tricky to set up.

The GE PTW900BPTRS is great for tackling large loads of laundry efficiently. I was especially impressed with the Deep Fill option, which made a huge difference for my kid’s muddy sports gear. Plus, the ability to control the washer from my phone added a level of convenience I never knew I needed.

More Features:

  • Sanitize with Oxi: Removes 99% of bacteria, giving your clothes an extra clean boost.
  • Tangle Control: Keeps your clothes from getting all tangled up.
  • Smart FlexDispense: Separate dispensers for liquid detergent, pods, and softener ensure everything gets distributed evenly.

Why It’s a Good Pick:

This washer is not just about cleaning clothes; it’s about making laundry easier. With features like voice control and a large capacity drum, it’s designed to make your life simpler. The built-in antimicrobial technology also keeps things fresh and clean.

So, if you’re ready to take your laundry game to the next level, the GE PTW900BPTRS Top Loading Washing Machine is worth considering. It’s like having a smart, helpful friend in your laundry room, making sure everything runs smoothly. Give it a try—you won’t be disappointed!

Best Impeller Washer: Maytag MVW7232HC Smart Top Load Washer

If you’re hunting for a washing machine that mixes power, efficiency, and smart tech, look no further than the Maytag MVW7232HC Smart Top Load Washer with an impeller. This machine is built to tackle tough stains and large loads while being gentle on your clothes.

Maytag MVW7232HC Smart Top Load Washer
Maytag MVW7232HC: Smart Top Load Washer with Impeller


  • Impeller: Delivers efficient, gentle cleaning with a strong water flow.
  • Extra Power Button: Boosts stain-fighting with a dual-temperature wash.
  • Smart Appliance: Control your laundry from anywhere with WiFi and the Maytag app.
  • Deep Fill Option: Adds extra water for a thorough clean.
  • Built-in Water Faucet: Great for rinsing and soaking heavily soiled clothes.
  • Quick Wash Cycle: Cleans small loads in just 30 minutes.


  • No Steam Function: Missing the steam cleaning feature.
  • Requires Fill Hose: Not included, needs to be purchased separately.

The impeller in this Maytag washer ensures efficient cleaning by creating a powerful water flow that moves clothes gently but thoroughly. This means your clothes get clean without the wear and tear caused by traditional agitators. The Extra Power button is a lifesaver for tough stains, giving an extra boost of cleaning power when you need it.

Smart features like remote control via the Maytag app make managing your laundry a breeze. You can start or stop cycles from anywhere and get notifications when your laundry is done. The Deep Fill option ensures even the dirtiest clothes come out spotless by adding extra water to the wash.

When I first used this washer, I was thrilled with how well the impeller cleaned my family’s clothes. The built-in water faucet made pre-treating stains so easy, and the Quick Wash cycle was perfect for those last-minute laundry needs.

In this budget range, compared to the LG 5.0 Cu. Ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer, which offers features like TurboDrum and ColdWash technology, the Maytag model excels with its Extra Power button and built-in water faucet, making it ideal for tackling tough stains and heavy-duty loads.

If you are unsure about Agitator vs Impeller, comment below or contact us for help.


Which is Better Agitator or Impeller Washer?

Choose an agitator washer for heavy-duty cleaning and a lower cost. Choose an impeller washer for gentler washing, larger loads, and better water efficiency. It depends on your laundry needs.

What is an Impeller on a Washing Machine?

An impeller washer uses a low-profile disc to gently clean clothes. It has a larger drum capacity, uses less water, but costs more and may struggle with very dirty laundry.

What is the Problem With the Impeller?

The main problem with an impeller washer is that it may not clean very dirty clothes as well as an agitator washer. It’s also more expensive.


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