Ninja Blender Smoking? Don’t Panic, Hereabouts How to Fix

Is your Ninja blender smoking? This can be a bit alarming, but don’t worry. I’ve been using my Ninja BL770 for 3.5 years, and recently, it started smoking four times in the last three months. It’s not just you—this happens to many models, from the fancy Auto-iQ to the compact Nutri Ninja.

If you notice smoke or a strange smell, stay calm. As a kitchen appliance expert who has fixed my own blender and helped my neighbors many times, I can guide you through this. Let’s fix this safely together. Follow my expert guide, backed by over ten years of experience in fixing kitchen gadgets.

Common Reasons for Ninja Blender Smoking

When my Ninja blender started smoking, I felt worried. Here are some common reasons why this happens and how to fix them easily.

Overheating as a Cause of Ninja Blender Smoking

When my Ninja blender started smoking, it turned out to be from overheating. If your blender gets too hot, it will start smoking. There are many reasons for this:

Reasons for Overheating

  • Overloading: I’ve been guilty of stuffing my blender to the brim. My Ninja blender is smoking because it’s working too hard. Overfilling the container makes the motor overheat.
Overloading as a Cause of Ninja Blender Smoking
Ninja Blender Smokes Due to Overloading
  • Marathon Blending: Blending for too long can cause trouble. I learned the hard way that a long blend can make my Ninja blender start smoking. Use the 30-second blend mode. It’s safe and easy. Press Start/Stop to use it.
Marathon Blending as a Cause of Ninja Blender Smoking
Ninja Blender Overheats from Extended Use
  • Blending Tough Ingredients: Hard foods like ice cubes or nuts are tough on blenders. More friction means more heat. Why is my Ninja blender smoking? It’s likely from blending these tough guys too long.
Blending Tough Ingredients as a Cause of Ninja Blender Smoking
Ninja Blender Smokes When Blending Hard Ingredients
  • Insufficient ventilation: Blocking the air vents traps heat. This makes your Ninja blender smoke.
Insufficient ventilation as a Cause of Ninja Blender Smoking
Poor Ventilation Causes Ninja Blender to Smoke

Overheating Warning Signs

Here are signs your blender is getting too hot:

  • Smell: A burning smell means trouble. Turn it off.
  • Smoke: Smoke is a clear sign to stop right away.
  • Extra Noise: If it sounds louder or strange, it could be overheating.
  • Slow Motion: Blades moving slowly means the motor is too hot.
  • Hot Surface: If the body feels very hot, that’s a bad sign.
Overheating Warning Signs of Ninja Blender Smoking
Signs of Overheating in Your Ninja Blender

Turn off your blender if you notice these signs. Let it cool down before you try to use it again.

Preventing Overheating

Here are easy tips to keep your blender from getting too hot:

  1. Short Blends: Don’t blend for too long at one time. Take breaks.
  2. Right Amount: Don’t fill the blender too much. Follow the fill line.
  3. Tough Stuff: Cut hard food into smaller pieces before blending.
  4. Cool Down: Let your blender rest between uses, especially after blending hard things.
  5. Check Up: Make sure the blades move freely. Tighten them if they are loose.
Preventing Overheating of Ninja Blender Smoking
How to Stop Your Ninja Blender from Overheating

Use these tips to keep your blender cool and working well.

Addressing Overheating Issues

If your blender gets too hot, here’s what to do:

  1. Turn It Off: First, stop the blender and unplug it.
  2. Let It Cool: Give it time, at least 30 minutes to cool down before you use it again.
  3. Check It: Look for any food stuck under the blades.
  4. Clean Well: Clean all parts well. Make sure everything is dry before putting it back together.
  5. Try Again: Plug it in and try a short blend to see if it still gets hot.
Addressing Overheating Issues of Ninja Blender Smoking
Fixing Overheating in Ninja Blenders

Follow these steps to fix an overheating blender. If it keeps getting too hot or seems broken, please call a technician.

Blade Issues of Ninja Blender Smoking

Smoking can be caused by several blade issues. Let’s point out some of them: 

Damaged Blades

Damaged Blades as a Cause of Ninja Blender Smoking
Damaged Blades Can Make Ninja Blenders Smoke

I’ve had my share of Ninja blender smoking problems, and damaged blades were a big one. Here’s why:

  1. Hard Work: If blades are bent or dull, the motor works harder to spin them.
  2. Heat Up: This hard work makes the motor get very hot.
  3. Smoke: If it gets too hot, it might start to smoke.

So, check your blades. If they look bent or dull, replace them to keep your blender safe and working well.

Worn-out Blade Gaskets of Ninja

Worn-out Blade Gaskets as a Cause of Ninja Blender Smoking
Worn-Out Gaskets Can Cause Ninja Blender to Smoke

Worn-out blade gaskets in your Ninja Blender can lead to smoking. Here’s why:

  1. Leaks: Old or damaged gaskets may leak, making the blender messy.
  2. Extra Strain: Leaks make the motor work harder to spin the blades.
  3. Heat Up: This extra work can make the motor overheat.
  4. Smoke: Overheating might cause your blender to start smoking.

To fix this, check and replace old gaskets. This will help your blender run smoothly and stay cool.

Improper Blade Assembly

Improper Blade Assembly as a Cause of Ninja Blender Smoking
Incorrect Blade Assembly Leads to Smoking in Ninja Blender

If Ninja Blender blades aren’t put together right, it can cause smoking. Here’s how:

  1. Hard Work: If blades aren’t aligned, the motor works harder.
  2. Heat Up: This makes the motor get very hot.
  3. Smoke: If it’s too hot, the blender might smoke.

Make sure to put blades in correctly. This keeps your blender safe and working well.

Blade Maintenance Tips of Ninja Blender

Here are some easy tips to keep your Ninja Blender blades in good shape: 

  • Clean After Use: Always wash blades right after you use them. This stops food from sticking. 
  • Dry Well: After washing, dry the blades completely. This stops rust. 
  • Check for Dullness: If blades get dull, they won’t cut well. It might be time for new ones. 
  • Store Properly: When not in use, keep your blender in a safe place. This keeps blades sharp and clean.

These tips help your blades last longer and keep your blender working great. They also help prevent your Ninja Blender from smoking.

To fix blade issues that cause your Ninja Blender to smoke, follow these steps:

  1. Turn Off and Unplug: Always start by turning off and unplugging your blender.
  2. Inspect the Blades: Look at the blades for any signs of damage or dullness.
  3. Clean Properly: Wash the blades with warm, soapy water to remove any stuck-on food.
  4. Dry Thoroughly: Make sure the blades are completely dry before putting them back.
  5. Reassemble Correctly: Put the blades back the right way. Make sure everything fits snugly.
  6. Test Your Blender: Plug it back in and test with a simple blend.

I’ve fixed my blender many times and helped my neighbors too. Doing these steps helps keep your blender safe and smoke-free. If the problem still happens, call Ninja support for help. They can guide you on what to do next.

Electrical Issue of Ninja Blender Smoking

We often focus on mechanical issues like dull blades and overheating, but electrical problems can also make your Ninja blender smoke. Let’s look at these electrical issues and how to fix them:

Internal Wiring Faults

I’ve had moments where I asked, “Why is my Ninja blender smoking?” Sometimes, it’s the wiring. Here’s how:

  • Loose Connections: Wires that aren’t tightly connected can get hot and smoke.
  • Damaged Wires: If wires are frayed or stripped, they can short-circuit.
  • Old Wiring: Over time, wiring can wear out and fail, causing overheating.

If you see smoke, turn off and unplug your blender right away. It’s best to let a professional check the wiring.

Components Failing

When a Ninja Blender starts smoking, it might be due to these failing components:

  1. Motor: If the motor overheats, it can smoke. This happens when it works too hard or too long.
  2. Wiring: Old or damaged wires can overheat and smoke.
  3. Capacitors: These parts help the motor start and run. If they fail, they can smoke.
  4. Control Board: This part controls how your blender works. If it breaks, it might cause smoking.

If you see smoke, turn off and unplug your blender. Check these parts or ask a professional for help.

Signs of Electrical Trouble of Ninja Blender

Here are signs of electrical trouble in your Ninja Blender:

  1. Sparks: If you see sparks, it’s a sign of electrical issues.
  2. Smoke: Smoke often means something electrical is burning.
  3. Burning Smell: A smell like burning plastic can point to wiring problems.
  4. Frequent Stops: If your blender stops often, the wiring might be faulty.
  5. Power Failures: Trouble turning on or sudden power offs are bad signs.

If you notice these signs, stop using your blender and get it checked. This helps keep you and your blender safe.

Preventative Measures of Ninja Blender

Some electrical issues can’t be avoided, but you can reduce the risk by:

  1. Don’t Overfill: Keep food and liquid below the max line.
  2. Use Properly: Only use the blender for what it’s made for.
  3. Follow the Manual: Clean and care for your blender as the manual says.
  4. Protect the Motor: Keep water away from the blender’s motor base.

These steps can keep your blender safe and working right.

Improper Cleaning Issue of Ninja Blender Smoking

Improper Cleaning Issue of Ninja Blender Smoking
Poor Cleaning Can Cause Ninja Blender to Smoke

Not cleaning your Ninja Blender right can cause it to smoke. Here’s why:

Food Buildup

I once ignored cleaning my blender properly, and guess what? My Ninja blender started smoking. Old food stuck in the blender can burn and smoke.

Base Spills

Spills near the motor can cause electrical issues. Why is my Ninja blender smoking? Sometimes, it’s because of liquid spills at the base.

Blade Blockage

Food stuck in the blades makes the motor work harder. Why did my blender start smoking? Blocked blades might be the answer.

Always clean your blender after using it. Make sure it’s dry and clear of any food or liquid before you use it again. This keeps your blender safe and smoke-free.

Personal Cleaning Routine for Ninja Blender

I’ve learned the hard way that cleaning is key. Here’s my routine to avoid a smoking Ninja blender:

  1. Rinse Right Away: After each use, I rinse the blender to remove any food.
  2. Warm Soapy Water: I wash the jar, lid, and blades with warm, soapy water.
  3. Dry Completely: Dry all parts thoroughly to prevent rust and buildup.
  4. Check the Base: I wipe the base with a damp cloth, making sure no spills are near the motor.

By following these steps, I keep my blender in top shape and avoid the dreaded blender smoking smell. It’s all about keeping things clean and tidy. Trust me, your blender will thank you!

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Using the Wrong Container Issues of Smoking

Using the Wrong Container Issues of Smoking
Using Incorrect Containers Leads to Smoking in Blenders

Using the wrong container with your Ninja Blender can lead to smoking. Here’s how it happens and how to avoid it:

I remember the time my Ninja blender started smoking because I used a container that didn’t fit right. It was a mess!

Strain on the Motor

A container that doesn’t fit properly can strain the motor. Why is my Ninja blender smoking? Often, it’s because the motor is working too hard with the wrong container.


A bad fit might also cause liquids to leak into the motor area, which is very dangerous. Why is my Ninja smoking? Leaks can cause electrical issues and overheating.

To avoid this problem, always use the container that came with your blender, or one approved by the manufacturer. This will keep your blender running smoothly and safely.

Personal Tip

I’ve learned my lesson. Now, I always double-check that I’m using the right container. It’s a small step that saves me a lot of trouble and keeps my blender from smoking.

Using the right container keeps your blender happy and your kitchen safe. Don’t let a mismatched container ruin your blending fun!

Voltage Variation Issues of Smoking

Voltage variation can cause your Ninja blender smoking problems. I learned this the hard way when I plugged my blender into an old outlet at my grandma’s house. Why is my Ninja blender smoking? Here’s the scoop:

Voltage Problems

If the power supply gives too much or too little voltage, it stresses the blender’s motor. High voltage makes the motor work too hard, heating it up too much. Why is my Ninja smoking? It’s often due to this extra stress.

My Experience

One day, my Ninja blender is smoking after blending at my grandma’s. The outlet was old and didn’t match the blender’s needs. It made the motor overheat and smoke.

Stay Safe

Always make sure your blender is plugged into a power source that matches the voltage it needs. This simple step keeps it running right and stops it from smoking.

Final Tip

Keep an eye on your power sources. If you’re unsure about the outlet, try a different one. It’s a small step to prevent a smoking blender.

So, next time you ask, “Why did my blender start smoking?”, check the voltage. Stay safe and keep blending!

My Ninja Blender is Smoking – What Should Immediately Do?

If your Ninja Blender smokes, try resetting it. This might fix problems with its electronics or settings. Here’s how to reset most Ninja Blenders:

How to Reset Ninja Blender

  1. Turn Off the Blender: First, make sure your Ninja blender is turned off. This prevents any accidental starts while you’re working on it.
  2. Unplug the Blender: Next, unplug your blender from the electrical outlet. This is important for your safety.
  3. Remove the Outer Case: Take off the outer case of your Ninja blender. This is just a protective cover over the internal components.
  4. Adjust the Power Cord: Insert the power cord into the on or off switch on the back of your blender. Make sure it’s the right way up.
  5. Press the Reset Button: Find the reset button, usually green, and press and hold it for about 30 seconds until the blender’s display comes back on.
  6. Turn On the Blender: After the display is back on, turn your Ninja blender back on. Remember to plug it back in first.
  7. Test the Blender: Now, give your Ninja blender a test run to make sure everything is working smoothly. If it’s still not working right, check the user manual or contact customer support for more help.

If resetting your Ninja Blender doesn’t fix the problem, please call customer care. Their number is 1-800-365-0135. They can help you over the phone.


In conclusion, if Ninja Blender smoking happens, follow our steps to fix it safely. If it keeps smoking, call customer support.

Need more help with Ninja Blender smoking? Just comment below or email us at


Why does my ninja blender smell like its burning?

If your Ninja Blender smells like it’s burning, it could be due to overloading, extended use, or a motor overheating. Check for obstructions and ensure it’s not overfilled. Let the blender cool down before next use to prevent damage.

Is it normal for my ninja to smoke?

If the smoke was accompanied by sparks, burning smells, or other concerning signs, or if you are unsure about the cause, contact a qualified appliance repair technician for a diagnosis and safe repair.

What happens if a blender overheats?

If a blender overheats, it may stop working or emit smoke. Overheating can harm the motor. Always let it cool down before you use it again. This prevents damage and keeps it safe.

Why is My Blender Smoking?

One day, my Ninja blender started smoking while making a smoothie. It scared me! Why is my blender smoking? Overheating, motor issues, or blocked blades could be the cause. Always check these to keep your blender safe.


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