Vitamix E320 vs E520: Cost-Effective Choice

When I first got the Vitamix E320 and E520 for our kitchen, I wondered if we really needed both. They looked so similar! But after using them, I saw the real differences. So, how do they stack up? 

In this article, I’ll compare the Vitamix E320 vs E520 to help you pick the best one for your kitchen. Whether you’re a home chef or just love good food, this guide will make your choice easy and cost-effective.

Overview of the Vitamix E320 and E520

Overview of the Vitamix E320 and E520
Exploring the Vitamix E320 and E520 models

Vitamix E320 Review

Let me take you on a journey through the world of the Vitamix E320, a gem in the Explorian series. It’s not just another blender; it’s a powerhouse that brings professional quality to your kitchen without breaking the bank. I’ve been using it since it was released in 2017, and it has truly transformed my cooking experience. Here’s my Vitamix E320 review:

Vitamix E320 Review
A close look at the Vitamix E320

Product Features

Powerful Motor: This blender runs on a 2.2 HP engine, effortlessly crushing even the toughest ingredients. I’ve tossed in ice, nuts, and frozen fruits, and it blends them all to perfection.

Big Capacity: The 64-ounce jug is a lifesaver. Whether I’m making smoothies for the whole family or prepping for a party, the large size is super convenient.

Speed Control: With ten speeds, I can achieve any texture I want. From silky smoothies to chunky salsas, it handles everything with ease.

Pulse Option: This feature is fantastic for creating varied textures. Sometimes I like a bit of crunch in my salsa, and the pulse option makes that possible.

Self-Clean: Cleaning up is a breeze. A drop of soap, some warm water, and it cleans itself in under a minute. It’s amazing how much time this saves me.

Built Tough: The E320 is made to last. Despite its affordability, it’s just as sturdy as the more expensive models.

Long Blades: The 4-inch blades not only blend ingredients smoothly but can also heat them, perfect for making hot soups.

Pros and Cons

Strong 2.2 HP motorOnly a few color choices
Self-cleaningCan get loud
7-year warrantyNo preset blends
Compact, stores easily
More affordable
Durable make
Great at mixing textures
Pros and Cons of the Vitamix E320

If you love experimenting with new recipes, the Vitamix E320 is your best friend. Its powerful motor and large capacity make it ideal for families or anyone who loves hosting gatherings. Despite its robust build, it’s compact enough to fit neatly in your kitchen.

I’ve made everything from silky smoothies to hearty soups and chunky salsas. It’s simple to use and even easier to clean, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned cooks.

This Vitamix E320 review reflects my personal experience, and it has genuinely been a game-changer in my kitchen. Its performance and durability are outstanding, making it a fantastic investment for anyone passionate about cooking. Whether you’re deciding between the Vitamix E320 vs E520, this blender’s blend of power, ease, and affordability makes it a top contender.

Vitamix E520 Review

Meet the Vitamix E520, a great addition to the Explorian series. It makes blending easy and powerful. This blender helps with all kinds of food prep, from hot soups to cool desserts. It keeps the quality Vitamix is known for. 

When I first got my hands on the Vitamix E520, I was excited to see what all the hype was about. After using it for several months, I can say it’s a game-changer in my kitchen. Here’s my personal Vitamix E520 review.

Vitamix E520 Review
Discovering the features of the Vitamix E520

Product Features

Versatile Programs: The E520 comes with settings for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen treats. I love how I can switch from making a refreshing smoothie in the morning to a hot soup for dinner.

Big Size: The 64-ounce container is perfect for big recipes, and it fits under most cabinets. This size is great for preparing meals for my family and even when I have guests over.

Easy Control: You can change speeds anytime to get the texture you want, from smooth to chunky. This feature is fantastic for someone like me who loves experimenting with different textures.

Take It With You: The blender includes two 24-ounce tumblers with straws for drinks on the go. These tumblers have been a lifesaver on busy mornings when I need a quick and healthy breakfast.

Simple to Clean: All parts can go in the dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze. After a long day of cooking, the last thing I want is to spend extra time cleaning.

Strong Build: Made with sharp, stainless-steel blades for even mixing. The durability of the E520 ensures that it will be a staple in my kitchen for years to come.

Pros and Cons

Great at making fine crushed iceNo extra jars for blending
Can blend hot ingredientsQuite loud
Built to last
Smoothly mixes tough greens
Easy to clean parts
Pros and Cons of the Vitamix E520

The Vitamix E520 is great for kitchens that need variety. It’s perfect for anyone who likes trying different textures and recipes. Whether you’re making a morning smoothie or an evening soup, it works well. The tumblers are handy for those on the go, offering a quick and healthy option.

Though it’s loud, it’s easy to use, clean, and built strong. The E520 is a must-have for any kitchen wanting to up its cooking game. This Vitamix E520 review shows how this blender has become key in my kitchen.

Whether you’re comparing the Vitamix E320 vs E520 or just want a versatile blender, the E520 stands out. It offers power and convenience. If you’re ready to improve your cooking, the E520 is a fantastic choice.

Comparison of Vitamix E320 vs E520

SpecificationVitamix E320Vitamix E520
Warranty7-Year Standard7-Year Full
Power (HP)2.22
Dimensions9 x 8 x 18 in9 x 7.5 x 17.5 in
Weight10.5 lbs10.2 lbs
Speed Control10 Variable SpeedsVariable Speed + 3 Programs
CleaningEasy self-cleaningEasy self-cleaning
IncludedMotor Base, Container, Tamper, CookbookMotor Base, Container, 2 Tumblers, Tamper, Cookbook
Vitamix E320 vs E520: Side-by-Side Feature Comparison

Performance Comparison: Vitamix E320 vs E520

When it comes to blending power, usability, and versatility, both the Vitamix E320 and E520 stand out in the kitchen. Let’s dive into how these two models compare in these key areas.

Performance Comparison Vitamix E320 vs E520
Vitamix E320 and E520: Performance face-off

Blending Power

Vitamix E320: With a 2.2 HP motor, this blender can handle almost anything. Whether it’s soft fruits or hard nuts, the E320 blends them smoothly. I’ve made countless green smoothies and nut butters, and it never disappoints.

Vitamix E520: The E520 has a strong motor. It is as powerful as the E320. Both can blend tough ingredients smoothly. I see no difference in their performance.

Usability and Controls

Vitamix E320: This model has 10 speeds and a pulse option. The controls are manual and easy to use. You get precise control over your blends. I love the simplicity, especially when I’m in a hurry.

Vitamix E520: In addition to variable speed control, the E520 offers three pre-set programs for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts. This adds convenience but keeps the interface user-friendly. I find the pre-sets handy for quick, no-fuss blending.

Versatility and Functions

Vitamix E320: The E320 excels in making a wide range of foods, from green smoothies to hot soups. Its variable speed and pulse features allow for great versatility. I’ve used it to prepare everything from baby food to salsa, and it performs wonderfully.

Vitamix E520: The E520’s preset programs make it very versatile. You can easily make smoothies, soups, and frozen treats without guessing. I love pressing a button and letting the blender do the work, especially when I’m busy in the kitchen.

Personal Experience

Each of these blenders, the E320 and the E520, works really well, is easy to use, and can handle lots of different recipes. It all comes down to personal preference. Do you like having special settings ahead of time with the E520, or do you prefer the simplicity and lower cost of the E320?

For me, choosing between the Vitamix E320 vs E520 was tough. But after using both, I can say they each have their own charm. The E320’s straightforward approach won me over with its no-nonsense performance. On the other hand, the E520’s convenience with pre-set programs made my hectic mornings a bit easier.

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Design and Durability of Vitamix E320 vs E520

Design and Durability of Vitamix E320 vs E520
Examining Vitamix E320 and E520: Design and durability

Build Quality

Both the Vitamix E320 and E520 are made to last. They have strong motors and are built with tough materials. This means they can blend for years without trouble. The main parts are made of metal and plastic that do not break easily.

From my experience, both blenders have held up exceptionally well. I’ve pushed them to their limits, blending everything from hard nuts to frozen fruits, and they’ve never let me down. The sturdy build gives me confidence that they’ll last for years.


The E320 and E520 both look modern and sleek. They fit well in any kitchen. The E320 has a simple, no-fuss design that many love, including me. It’s straightforward and functional, which suits my minimalist style perfectly. The E520, on the other hand, adds a bit of style with its design while maintaining an elegant look. I enjoy having both on my countertop; they blend in seamlessly with my kitchen decor.

Warranty and Support

Vitamix stands behind both models with a 7-year warranty. This covers most parts of the blender. They also offer good customer support. You can call or email them if you have questions or need help.

Having both blenders, I’ve had the chance to interact with Vitamix’s support team a few times. They were always responsive and helpful, whether it was a question about maintenance or needing advice on blending techniques. This level of support adds a lot of value to the purchase.

Personal Experience

Both blenders are built to blend well and last long. They look good in the kitchen and come with support that makes them a smart buy. Whether you pick the E320 for its simplicity or the E520 for its extra features, you’re choosing quality.

I love using both the Vitamix E320 and E520. Each has its own charm. The E320’s no-nonsense design and robust performance make it my go-to for everyday blending. The E520, with its sleek design and preset programs, is perfect for those times when I want a bit more convenience.

So, when it comes to Vitamix E320 vs E520, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Do you prefer the straightforward reliability of the E320, or the stylish convenience of the E520? Either way, you’re getting a blender that’s built to last and perform beautifully in your kitchen.

Price and Value for Money: Vitamix E320 vs E520

When picking a blender, price and value are key. Here’s how the Vitamix E320 and E520 stack up.

Price and Value for Money Vitamix E320 vs E520
Vitamix E320 vs E520: Cost and value compared

Cost Comparison

Vitamix E320: Priced at $479.95, it’s a mid-range option that’s kind on your wallet. I found this price to be quite reasonable given its performance and durability.

Vitamix E520: At $529.95, it’s a bit more, but still within a reasonable range for its features. While it’s slightly more expensive, the additional features might justify the price for some users.

Value Assessment

Vitamix E320: The E320 offers great value. Its strong motor and variable speeds handle a wide mix of foods. It’s perfect for those who want quality without the extra cost. I’ve used it for everything from smoothies to soups, and it has consistently delivered excellent results.

Vitamix E520: The E520 provides more features like preset programs for smoothies, soups, and frozen desserts. It’s ideal for those willing to pay a little extra for convenience. The presets save time and make blending simpler, which I appreciate on busy days.

After using them for months, I can say the E320 is fantastic for its simplicity and reliability. It gets the job done without any fuss. The E520, though a bit pricier, offers that extra convenience with its presets. On days when I’m in a hurry, I appreciate the quick presets for smoothies and soups.

Both models are great choices. The E320 wins on simplicity and price. The E520 shines with its presets, making it worth the extra cost for some. Think about what matters more to you: saving money or having a few extra features.

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User Reviews and Feedback on Vitamix E320 vs E520

User Reviews and Feedback on Vitamix E320 vs E520
What people say: Vitamix E320 vs E520

Users have shared their experiences with both the Vitamix E320 and E520. Here’s what they often say:

Summary of Reviews for Vitamix E320


  • Many love its powerful blending ability, saying it makes everything from smoothies to soups perfectly.
  • The ease of cleaning is a big plus, with many appreciating the self-clean feature.
  • The value for money is highlighted, with users feeling they got a high-quality blender without breaking the bank.


  • Some wish for pre-set programs to make certain recipes easier.
  • A few notes it can be quite loud during operation.

Summary of Reviews for Vitamix E520


  • Users enjoy the automatic settings, finding them convenient for everyday recipes.
  • The included tumblers are a hit for those who like taking their drinks on the go.
  • The build quality gets high marks for durability.


  • The higher price point is a consideration for some, questioning the value compared to the E320.
  • Like the E320, noise levels are mentioned as a downside.


E320 User: “E320 is perfect for single serving but you need to get used to its bulky/inconvenient adapter/attachment otherwise it is beast.” Source: r/Vitamix

E520 User: “Once you use it you will try to sell Vitamix to everyone you talk to. Trust me. Money well spent!.” Source : r/Costco

These reviews suggest both models are loved for their performance and quality. The choice between them often comes down to budget and preference for automatic features.


Let’s look at the Vitamix E320 and E520:

  • Vitamix E320 is simple and less costly. Great for basic blending.
  • Vitamix E520 has extra features like set programs and cups for drinks on the go.

Which to Pick?

  • If you like easy and affordable, go for Vitamix E320.
  • If you want more features and don’t mind paying more, Vitamix E520 is your match.

Both will do a great job in your kitchen. Your choice depends on what you value more: simplicity or extra features.

For more guidance on choosing between Vitamix E320 vs E520, feel free to reach out at We’re ready to help!


How many watts is Vitamix E320 blender?

The Vitamix E320 operates at 1,380 watts. This powerful motor makes it great for blending a wide variety of ingredients smoothly.

How loud is Vitamix E320?

The Vitamix E320 can reach up to 98 dB at its highest speed, making it one of the louder models, similar to the E310. If you’re sensitive to noise, consider this before choosing.

Is the Vitamix E520 a good blender?

Yes, the Vitamix E520 is a great blender, especially with soups. Its solid construction and 64-ounce jar handle hot ingredients easily. It blends even tough greens smoothly and cleans up quickly. A great kitchen asset!

Do chefs use Vitamix?

Yes, both pro chefs and home cooks use Vitamix. It’s known for  powerful performance and reliability in the kitchen.


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